City of Saint Remy, France Adopts Graves at Epinal American Cemetery

Individuals, schools, and even local towns have adopted gravesites at our cemeteries. This weekend the city hall of Saint Remy, France adopted the gravesites of seven soldiers who are buried in Epinal American Cemetery. Pfc. John McCarthy, Pfc. James Brown, Pvt. Gorden Porter, Pvt. James Adair, SSgt. Russell Albano, Pvt. Frederick Allen, and Pvt. Robert Blake all helped to liberate Saint Remy during World War II, and now each individual is honored by the city. During the ceremony the mayor laid flowers at each grave followed by “Taps” and a moment of silence. A biography of each individual was also read during the ceremony.

Gravesite adoption does mean the individual or group physically cares for the gravesite. Rather, it’s a sign of remembrance and respect, and this is done by bringing flowers to the gravesite, and often times, researching the life and service of the individual to ensure his story is never forgotten.