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The entrance gate includes a stone column with the cemetery name engraved on it.
November 17, 2015 The memorial area at Oise-Aisne American Cemetery is currently undergoing maintenance work.
United States flag with American Battle Monuments Commission logo
November 16, 2015 Horticulture work along with the resurfacing of some pathways and roadways is currently underway at Cambridge American Cemetery.
An angel statue viewed through the columns of the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery memorial building.
November 16, 2015 Beginning on November 16, 2015 the visitor building at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery will be closed due to major renovation work.
Screenshot of shows lessons plans available for free use.
November 12, 2015 National History Day (NHD), the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media is launching a new, free digital resource for teachers on Veterans Day: www
WWII veterans stand during the ceremony and salute.
November 11, 2015 This Veterans Day Americans around the world will honor their fellow citizens who have served their country. The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) offers ten ways you can show your appreciation this November 11th.
A shadowed WWI soldier holds a gun under the film title, Never Forgotten.
November 10, 2015 he doughboys of World War I readily wore the American uniform, prepared to fight for the freedom of people they had never met. These doughboys came from big cities and farms. They left behind wives and children.
The exterior of the Normandy Visitor Center.
November 5, 2015 The entire lower level of the Normandy Visitor Center will be closed Saturday, January 9, 2016 through Wednesday, January 22, 2016 due to reconditioning of the floors. During this closure period, there will be no access to the lower level.
Historic image from 1925 shows the original look of the living room within the Meuse-Argonne visitor building.
October 27, 2015 On September 26, 1918 American forces began fighting in what would become known as the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War I. This 47-day battle would prove to be one of the most significant in American history.
The Naval Monument at Brest is surrounded by scaffolding.
October 21, 2015 ABMC manages 27 monuments, memorials and markers around the globe, each necessitating its own unique maintenance plan to ensure these sites continue to meet the standards set by the agency.  While some markers are modest in size, constituting no m