ABMC unveils unique vintage works of art of its cemeteries and iconic monuments

The American Battle Monuments Commission unveils original vintage-style works of art for its iconic cemeteries and selected monuments as the agency marks its centennial and is about to commemorate Memorial Day.

The project was inspired by the Federal Art project that the government released after the Great Depression to promote its parks and showcase landscapes that belonged to the American people. Overseen by the Visitor Services and Interpretation (VSI) directorate, this vintage poster project was an attempt at recreating a similar project, with the goal of inviting the American public to visit ABMC sites and place them as true must-see sites.

“We wanted these posters to represent the most symbolic and iconic elements of each site,” shares Domitille Arnaud, VSI Project Portfolio Manager. “They convey the beauty, tranquility, and solemnity of the place as a sign of respect for those who fought so that we can live free today.”

These vintage works were designed by French artist DOZ whose touch is inspired by famous photographers from the 1950s who made a point in capturing joyful, light-hearted moments of the daily life.

“No specific design guidelines were given to the artist. We really wanted him to provide us with his artistic vision,” said VSI Director Karen Wurzburger.

DOZ developed these posters using his neo-retro style characterized by the use of bright colors that give a contemporaneous feeling to the design. Usually contacted to create designs for tourist towns in France and abroad, designing posters of commemorative sites was a first and a challenge for the artist. He said it was important for him to not create somber designs, but instead to convey the beauty of the sites, depicting them as testimonies of peace.

“I'd like these posters to be passed on to future generations as a message of peace, a testimony between generations,” said DOZ.

To mark ABMC’s centennial and the uniqueness of each ABMC site, a vintage poster was created for all 26 cemeteries and four monuments maintained by ABMC. These posters highlight unique features of ABMC cemeteries and commemorative sites, showing that these sites are living sites where visitors, young and old, local and international, get to spend a unique moment of life while honoring America’s fallen.

ABMC unveils unique vintage works of art of its cemeteries and iconic monuments

 Click through this slideshow to see all ABMC cemeteries and iconic monuments vintage posters. 
The posters will soon be available for download.