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Inez Ann Murphy Crittenden at Suresnes American Cemetery

Inez Crittenden was an American communications volunteer, also known as an “Hello Girl.” Inez Ann Murphy Crittenden was born in September 1887, and raised in a bi-lingual (French and English) household.

Emily Harper Rea

Emily Harper Rea joined the American Red Cross (ARC) in 1943. The ARC provided recreational services to servicemen in different theatres of operations.

Dorothy J. Burdge was a schoolteacher before going overseas as an American Red Cross worker. She was sent overseas by the ARC in Sept.

ABMC honors those women who have served

During World War I, the official service of women on the warfront rapidly developed at an unprecedented scale. American women served overseas as nurses, communication technicians, social workers and volunteers, providing critical skills and care for the American Expeditionary Forces.

Luxembourg American Cemetery panorama

In keeping with guidance from local authorities, Luxembourg American Cemetery is now fully open. 

Headstones at Manila American Cemetery

In keeping with guidance from local authorities, Manila American Cemetery fully reopened Saturday February 26, 2022.

Ensign Jesse L. Brown is honored at the Honolulu Memorial

Ensign Jesse Leroy Brown was born in Hattiesburg, Miss., into a sharecropper family. He was a student athlete who excelled at math and had dreamed of being a pilot. Brown joined the Navy Reserve to help pay for college. On Oct.

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery

In keeping with guidance from local authorities, Ardennes, Flanders Field, and Henri-Chapelle American Cemeteries in Belgium fully reopened June 1, 2021.